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  • 2017 Business Meeting 2017 Business Meeting PDF
  • 2017 Meeting Presentations Challenges and Opportunities: PRRLA Libraries as Strategic Assets for Research Session 1 Digital scholarship/initiatives Taking a step forward from building a Digital Scholarship Lab – Growing Digital Scholarship Service at the Chinese University of Hong Kong Library | Louisa Lam, Chinese University of Hong Kong (China) A strange but ideal library at Korea University: How has CJ Creator Library ...
  • 2016 Meeting Presentations All presentations for the 2016 PRRLA meeting, “From Vision to Reality: PRRLA Libraries as Strategic Assets for Research, Teaching, and Learning,” are now available. This also includes a special report on the PRL project, an update from the PRL Collection Development Working Group, and the Business Meeting.
  • PRRLA Business Meeting 2015 PRRLA Business Meeting 2015 PDF
  • Establishing a New Scholarly Outputs Ecosystem: Implementation and Services of PKUL Nie Hua & Zhu Qiang, Peking University PDF