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Karl Lo Award

The Karl Lo Award was established in 2007 by the Pacific Rim Digital Library Alliance to honor Karl Lo’s leadership in forming the Pacific Rim Digital Library Alliance and his contributions to global libraries and librarianship.

About Karl Lo

In 1995, Lo obtained a grant to the University of California, San Diego (UCSD) Libraries from the U.S. National Security Education Program. The NSEP grant funded development of a multilingual computer server to provide international access via the Internet to online information in Chinese, Japanese, and Korean scripts. As part of the project, Lo organized a technical planning conference hosted by UCSD during which the Pacific Rim Digital Library Alliance was conceptualized.

Lo held key leadership roles in the East Asian library community:

  • Head, East Asia Library, University of Kansas, 1959-1968
  • Head, East Asia Library, University of Washington, 1968-1990
  • Director, UCSD International Relations and Pacific Studies Library and East Asia Collection, 1990-2002
  • Acting Chief, Asian Division, Library of Congress, 2002

He was active and honored in many professional venues:

  • Chair, OCLC-CJK Users Group
  • Vice President, Chinese Historical Society, Seattle, WA
  • Board Member, San Diego Chinese Historical Society
  • Trustee, Lingnan Foundation, 1994-2007
  • Chinese American Librarians Association/American Librarians Association Distinguished Service Award, 1998

Criteria and Application

The Karl Lo Award provides support to PRRLA librarians for professional development and research focused on Pacific Rim library collaboration and digital library issues. Applicants must be employed as a librarian in a PRRLA member library. Award money may be applied to:

  • conference fees
  • travel costs including transportation, lodging, and meals
  • direct expenses in support of research, publication, and presentation

US$10,000 is available each calendar year; the amount may be adjusted by the PRRLA Steering Committee depending on various factors (number of viable applications received, PRRLA’s budget, etc.). An individual may apply for part or all of that amount. The amount awarded to an applicant is dependent upon the projected expenses. The PRRLA Steering Committee reviews applications and provides final approval for awards. Upon approval of an award by the Steering Committee, the awarded funds are made available immediately.

Each award winner will be given an opportunity to provide a poster session at the PRRLA meeting. Posters will be posted on the PRRLA web site. Award funds may be used for attendance at a PRRLA meeting.

Applications should include:

  • brief narrative description (200 to 500 words) of proposed professional development or
  • research statement of relevance to Pacific Rim research  libraries and librarianship (list criteria used for ranking)
  • requested total amount of funding with simple budget to justify costs
  • letter of support from director of library



Dayoung Kim, Korea University

Haiqing Lin, University of California, Berkeley

Chingmy Lam and Michelle Jo, University Sydney

Ying Liu, University of Victoria


Feng Yikang, National University of Singapore
Jing Liu, University of British Columbia
Tomoko Bialock, University of California, Los Angeles


Xi Chen, University of California, San Diego


Sim Chuin Peng, National University of Singapore
Corey Davis, University of Victoria, Canada
Robert Stibravy, University of British Columbia
Thuy Vo Dang, University of California Irvine


Louisa Lam, Chinese University of Hong Kong Library


Beth Tillinghast, University of Hawaii at Manoa Library


Paolina Martin, Singapore Management University
Patrick Pu, National University of Singapore


Robin Chandler, UC San Diego Libraries