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Membership Requirements

The PRRLA Steering Committee has endorsed a policy of incremental growth. PRRLA’s strength lies in its research-intensive focus and limited size which enables closer collaborations. PRRLA is affiliated with the Association of Pacific Rim Universities, so APRU member libraries (who are not already PRRLA members) are welcome to join by contacting the Chair of the PRRLA Secretariat


  • Members must be a Pacific Rim research library from research-intensive universities.

  • Interest and demonstrated involvement in cooperative ventures among academic research libraries located around the Pacific Rim to improve access to scholarly research materials.

  • Have the capacity and dedicated expertise to contribute to Pacific Rim studies.

  • Demonstrated engagement in developing digital Pacific Rim collections.

  • Provide high quality collections, resources, and services that support research, academic excellence, and innovation for their higher education institutions.

  • Have a strong global orientation and interest in collaboration and information sharing.


  • nominations of new members (or requests to become a new member) are submitted to the Chair of the PRRLA Secretariat to be vetted by Steering Committee

  • nominations/applications should address the above membership criteria

Annual dues are US$2000 per institution. The primary benefit of PRRLA membership is attendance at the annual membership meeting and interaction with other PRRLA members. To this end, membership dues are used to fully fund the meeting, including the costs of meals, entertainment, and excursions. Attendance is limited to two representatives from each PRRLA member organization—normally the Library Director and one other person of their choosing.  A third representative is possible if they are a Karl Lo Award winner.  Other exceptions may be approved by the Secretariat.


For current information about how PRRLA operates, click here.