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Posts from the ‘Copyright’ Category

UC San Diego Google Mass Digitization Project

n April 2008, the University of California, San Diego sent its first shipment of books to be digitized as part of the Google Book Search Library Project, a global effort launched in 2004 to digitize collections from the world’s top universities and libraries to make them searchable and discoverable online.

Who Owns What? Negotiating Intellectual Property, Digital Assets, and Information Access

Libraries digitize in order to put information more readily into the hands of the users they serve. Depending on the nature of the institution and its mission, that constituency could be limited; or, in the case of a public university library, it could be extended beyond campus boundaries to citizens in the community, state, or nation. Collectors—individual and institutional—derive their value and prestige from what they own; their interest is in protecting their investment. For libraries, however, value derives from whether and how the constituencies they serve use their collections. How do libraries building digital collections negotiate between protecting intellectual property and enabling useful access? How do libraries provide users with the information they need to determine “appropriate” use?