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Posts from the ‘Assessment’ Category

Evaluating Digital Library Holistically

Ying Zhang Presentation[PDF]

Towards Digital Age: Trends of Academic Libraries in China

Zhu Qiang(朱强)-Director,Peking University library Give a brief introduction to the higher educational institution libraries in China, particularly on the strategies facing the digital age. Presentation[PPT]

Preserving and Reconstructing Hong Kong’s Historical Past: Experiences and Lessons of the Hong Kong Memory Project

The Hong Kong Memory Project (HKMP) was initiated by the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) Government in 2002. The goal is to establish a web-based digital repository for the collection, preservation, presentation and dissemination of Hong Kong’s unique historical and cultural heritage.

One Year After: Digital Developments @ Otago

This presentation discusses data management within the context of the University of Otago. It follows up on the Library’s Biodiversity Data Management Project that ended in mid 2009 and was the theme of a presentation at PRDLA 2008. “One year after” will report the final outcomes of the project and provide a profile on other digital and e-research initiatives at the University of Otago in which the Library is participating.

A Mission-Critical Hub; HKU’s IR Aligned with Mission & Vision

Proponents of IRs now find that by aligning the goals of the IR with those of the underlying institution, there is no more battle to be fought. At HKU, the Senior Management Team has recently re-articulated the institution’s mission and vision statements, to focus on three themes; 1) Teaching & Learning, 2) Research, and 3) Knowledge Exchange (KE). The HKU definition of KE includes the act of making HKU generated knowledge and skill sets accessible to business, government and the community.