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UM New Campus


The University of Macau (UM) is the leading public comprehensive university in Macau. The inauguration of the UM new campus was held on 5 November 2013. The new campus is separated from Taipa, Macau by a waterway, with the luxuriant Hengqin Mountain forming a beautiful backdrop. Covering an area of approximately one kilometre, it is nearly 20 times larger than the current campus and is able to accommodate approximately 10,000 students. An underwater tunnel, which is approximately 1 km long, connects the news campus and Taipa, allowing convenient and 24-hour access to the new campus.

Mr. He Jingtang, a recognized leader in architectural design in the Greater China region and member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, is the chief designer for the new UM campus. In order to build a green, efficient and energy-efficient campus, the master plan for the new campus highlights the following five principles and concepts: “people-oriented,” “sustainable development,” “modern and IT-based,” “garden-style layout,” and “integration of Chinese and western cultural elements”.

The lengths of the new campus from south to north and from east to west (in the middle) are approximately 1,600 metres and 650 metres respectively. If you walk really fast, it would take you at least ten minutes to cover the entire length from south to north. The more than 60 buildings are distributed in the four parts according to their different functions, making it very easy to find your destination. The interbuilding distance is less than 300 metres to make sure that students can make the transfer between different buildings within the ten-minute break.