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The 2018 PRRLA Program Planning Committee is pleased to announce the theme of the 2018 meeting: Access in a Networked World: Challenges, Opportunities and Solutions for PRRLA Libraries, and issues this call for presentation proposals.

One of the primary objectives of a research library is to provide students and researchers with access to information and knowledge resources. The rapid and accelerating transition from analog to digital resources creates both opportunities and challenges for access. We seek presentations on projects, programs, and other activities that focus on access to digital materials (including digital surrogates of analog materials). To be useful, informative and interesting presentations should focus on special opportunities found or created, challenges faced, and solutions developed. Activities might be drawn from across the digital lifecycle, including, e.g.,
• Acquisition
• Technical processing
• Metadata creation
• Digitization
• Digital asset management
• Discovery
• Access and user experience across the knowledge life cycle
• Digital preservation

We welcome proposals for presentations or panels at the meeting from all members. Proposals should include:

• Presentation or panel title
• Presenters’ names, titles, and institutional affiliation
• A brief abstract (200-250 words) of the proposed presentation or panel
• Brief biographical notes of the presenters (200 words)
• Identification of one or more of the above-mentioned area(s) that the presentation will address

Proposals should be submitted via this link: Submit your proposal by April 1, 2018.

Presentations will be scheduled at approximately 20 minutes each. The Program Committee will complete the review of all the submissions and notify presenters by May 15, 2018.

The 2018 PRRLA Program Planning Committee is comprised of the following individuals:
Jeff MacKie-Mason, Chair, UC Berkeley
Peter Zhou, UC Berkeley
Thuy Vo Dang, UC Irvine
Nie Hua, Peking University
Diana Chan, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Seongcheol Kim, Korea University
Hugh McHarg, University of Southern California
Gulcin Cribb, Singapore Management University
Jonathan Bengtson, University of Victoria
Emily Lin, UC Merced

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