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2012 Beijing

PRDLA 2012 Meeting will be held Nov. 04-06, 2012 in Beijing,China, co-held International Conference in celebration of the 110th anniversary of the founding of Peking University Library. The programmatic theme is:CHANGE AND CHALLENGE: REDEFINE THE FUTURE OF ACADEMIC LIBRARIES.

Main focus areas include:

    • Digital library management and development strategies

Possible topics: data management, assessment, curation, user studies, service surveys, digital rights

    • Knowledge discovery and services

Possible topics: technology platforms, discovery service case studies

    • Consortia, cooperation, and sharing

Possible topics: updates on collaborative projects, benefits and challenges of international cooperation, data sharing

    • Outreach and engagement with students, faculty, and audiences beyond

Possible topics: Faculty and digital scholarship, new forms of publication, incorporating multimedia, social media and the library commons

We hope the program will offer many opportunities to share our digital library experiences and to explore ways in which we might further collaborate.

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